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Those Famous Ferrographs'


If you have a still from a vintage (or modern) film or television programme (on video) featuring a Ferrograph recorder or of a machine that features a Wearite deck, please email me at the following address and we will pop it on this page. These machines often turn up as props!

Ferrograph YD Missile R&D Work

This image was taken from the BBC "One" Show TX: 5th Aug 2009. They were running a piece on the Saunders Roe experimental missile establishment once based on the Isle Of White in the UK. The scene shows several Ferrograph Model YD machines recording analogue test data from the various experiments conducted at the test bunkers, There were also some very interesting interviews with some of the original boffin's responsible for the experiments. This was a fairly typical example of the type of work these machines were put to back in the 1950s and 1960s.

My thanks to Roy Elwen who kindly alerted me to the film when it was aired


Radio Scotland Ferrograph

BBC Reporting Scotland ran this news story featuring The pirate radio station, "Radio Scotland" on the 6.30pm main bulletin (10th Jan 2006). The archive film footage used dates from 1966 and was available on DVD for a short while with narration by Tony Currie. The shots appear to show Series YD6 machines designed for console/rack mounting work.


Ipcress File Ferrograph


A Ferrograph Series YD5 featured in The Ipcress File (released in 1965 by Rank) . Evidently the company was happy to provide a machine on loan to the film makers, in return the Ferro is seen in shot for just a few seconds and in the first few minutes of the film. This is probably the best remembered scene featuring  a working Ferro as a prop.

 Carry on Spying Ferrograph

A scene from Carry on Spying originally released in 1964 and now available again on DVD. One of over 30 films featuring the Carry On theme but is not quite as often shown as some of the other titles. Here we see a Series 5 machine taking a hammering. In fact you could say that the machine is being used as a weapon to commit ABH ! Probably the only documented use of a Ferro this manner. We don't condone this sort of abuse on these venerable machines by the way !!!

"Carry on" pictures kindly supplied by Andrew Button.


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