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For Ferrograph Drive Idlers and Pinch Wheels for the Series 7 and the earlier series of Ferrograph machines, these can be obtained from Goeff Kremer at Servicesound. (Just replace the (a) with an @ when your email client opens up). Please mention where you found the info.

Tape Recorder

For comprehensive servicing, spares and generally any thing to do with Revox tape recorders , A visit is recommended to Nigel Hunts website


Ferrograph Info

Sadly and after a number years George West has decided to retire his website. You can however purchase everything on DVD including vasts amount information not available elsewhere. Clicking the link above will take you to the ordering web page

Barry Jones's Brenell site. A nicely arranged site with lots of useful info on the company. You will also find details of the Brenell book and how to order your own copy.

The only society to belong to! With interests covering preservation, history, restoration etc. Not just wireless though many members have interests in vintage TV, vintage Hi-fi and music .

The largest vintage electrical and mechanical collectibles fair in Europe. Plenty of Ferrograph's to be had!  yearly event held near Birmingham UK


Museum of Communication, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland

Specialising in vintage technology, numerous exhibits,  special features and exhibitions. Well worth a visit. New exhibitions are staged annually.

Download a PDF on the various activities and exhibitions below by clicking on the "PDF" logo

About the Museum leaflet About the MOC

Real Deal Pro Audio

Are currently stocking the last production runs of Quantigy reel to reel recording tape. now is your time to stock up! you can find out further details and how to order, above.

Dynatron Museum and Audio Jumble

John Howes maintains web sites for both his Audio Jumble event and comes highly recommended, and also for the Dynatron museum which is well worth a virtual visit.

UK Vintage Radio

Paul Stennings superb vintage wireless web site. Loads of info including the "forum"



Let us know if you would like to  include a site !